Precis for the Layout

This site covers a long term modelling project that took years to commence and will take even longer to complete.

The model portrays a small part of typical Victorian Railways (a Government-owned entity that served the people of Victoria, Australia between 1859 and 1983) operations during the late 1920's to mid 1930's, in the inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Because this period is nearly beyond the recall of those living, and all that remains are altered infrastructures, old photos of a slice of operations, yellowing timetables and the like, we should'nt be fooled that it was in any way less intense or interesting than those of later and better documented periods. It was a vital and challenging time.

In this period, echoes of Victorian Railways' early days remained, however many changes and innovations were being made amongst the day-to-day railway task as the Victorian Railways did its best to meet service expectations little less than those we know today, and most efficiently manage it's capital and labour across a wide range of railway and related activities.

If you are interested to read beyond this Web coverage, the layout has been covered by several articles to date:

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